"Track and Place" part of "North+South"
John Hansard Gallery, Southampton
National Glass Centre, Sunderland

    03.07.2007 - 01.09.2007

        'Track and Place' is part of six exhibitions staged jointly at galleries at the northernmost and southernmost
        ends of England exploring national identity.

Royal College of Art "Secret"
Royal College of Art, London

    17 - 26.11.2006
    16 - 24.11.2007
    14 - 22.11.2008
    13 - 21.11.2009
    12 - 20.11.2010
    18 - 25.11.2011

"The Blackpool Art Fair"
The Grundy, Blackpool

    23.11.2009 - 02.01.2010

"The Gipton Photography Project"

    15.05.2010 - 26.06.2010

Lancaster Maritime Museum, Custom House, Saint George's Quay, Lancaster, LA1 1RB

22.05.2010 - 25.09.2010

is a photographic response from people across the Lancaster District, to see how others see the sea.
           This exhibition, run in conjunction with Lancaster Guardian Newspaper, celebrates our many points of view.

"The Northern Sky"
Cube Gallery, 113-115 Portland Street, Manchester, M1 6FB

       07.06.2011 - 11.06.2011
"The constellations are forever linked but constantly evolving, following outward bound trajectories across the night sky.
A parallel could be drawn with our own time here.
The opening night of our exhibition is the last time this
            star cluster - our year group will come together as a collective. We will always be linked by our time at Blackpool & The Fylde where we’ve grown and honed our skills and developed our distinguishing features. A fiery star-birth
            cauldron. But our graduate exhibtion marks the point at which we progress further and begin to follow our individual paths. Points of light arcing across the ether. That’s the future. Before then, we’re visible to the naked eye
            from this location."
            This is a collective show between the arts courses of Blackpool and the Fylde College.

"Blackpool Graduate Show"
AOP Gallery, 81 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS

       14.06.2011 - 19.06.2011
"This exhibition showcases work from the photography graduates of Blackpool and the Fylde College 2011. The images range from landscapes to fashion and covering everything in between - capturing both the eye and         the
            mind. The work is created by a diverse range of students from all over the UK and Europe who have lived and studied together in the Northwest of England with impressive and unique results."

"Social Life"
HA Fox York, Jaguar House, Clifton Moorgate, Clifton Moor, York, North Yorkshire, YO30 4WR

    27.10.2011 - 01.11.2011

        'Social Life' is an exploration of the social history of both formerly and currently C.I.U. Affliated clubs in the Blackpool area; and communities that exist within them.