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Social Life

Social Life explore the social history of both formerly and currently C.I.U. affiliated clubs in the Blackpool area. The Clubs that have privatised are quite often still members only clubs, with subs paid and committees still in place to aid with the general running of the club; as of course are the C.I.U. affiliated clubs.

The project focuses on four clubs in Blackpool, the central meeting point in the North West for the Trades Union Council, and thus a town well known for its abundance of working men’s clubs. Of the clubs featured in the project; Waterloo Social Club and the Blackpool Trades Club have been privatised, whilst Hampton Road Social Club and the LMS Loco Club remain C.I.U. affiliated.

The work explores how social clubs have maintained the strong communities established over time, despite their struggle to survive financially in an economic climate which reflects the era in which they were established. Rather than focus on the individual members, the project endeavours to highlight the traces of these communities which have grown around them. It chooses to emphasise the importance not only of the buildings themselves, but of those whose combined efforts have made them the thriving social hubs they are today. The images seeking to encourage the viewer to mentally fill the visual absence of people through the traces of their actions and thoughts.

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