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Artists Statement

Driven by an ever evolving, yet uncertain postmodern society, my work is concerned with the impact the changes associated with hypermodernity have on people and communities.

As someone who is apprehensive about the contested issues surrounding the beneficial as opposed to the detrimental effects of the utopian theory of globalisation, my work, in a society moving swiftly towards hypermodernity, focuses not on the individual but on the wider effects of the changes in society brought about by globalisation; aiming to document our changing landscapes and seek out the traces of community left behind or lost in the process.

The franchised shopping centres, homogenous housing estates and fast food chains that decorate our landscape reflect an accelerated global village and hypo-real lifestyle, intensified by electronic communication in its many forms and internet shopping. We have become accustomed to living in a faceless world where service is measured only by speed of delivery. My predominantly unpopulated images intend not to isolate the depicted spaces as examples of times past but instead to allow the viewer to consider the human presence in the images themselves.